Planned Giving

Support Caridad and provide for yourself and loved ones


Did you know that there are ways to support Caridad and provide for yourself and your loved ones at the same time? Your personal needs and  goals can be achieved while making a gift through Planned Giving.


Many potential donors mistakenly assume the only way they can support Caridad is by making an outright gift, but in fact, with careful and thoughtful planning you can choose from financial options that are advantageous and help you accomplish one or more goals.


Gifts that cost nothing during your lifetime  

Designate Caridad Center as a beneficiary in your will.


Gifts that provide lifetime income

 Receive income while giving to Caridad.                                                  


doctor and child

  • Over 400 doctor, dentist , and community volunteers
  • Yearly patient visits total approximately 28,000
  • Comprehensive health, dental and vision care

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  • Tutoring program empowers our elementary-aged students
  • Scholarship fund serves Caridad families
  • Family health classes educate our patients

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  • Emergency and Food programs serve those who need it most
  • Adopt-a-Family and Holiday assistance ensures community care
  • Mentor initiatives pave the way for our community’s future

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