Outreach / Social Services

Caridad's Outreach Program reflects our holistic approach to helping people in our community by providing food, clothing, personal care items, emergency assistance and other social services to patients of the Caridad Clinic. Caridad Center seeks to eliminate the cycle of poverty for the families that we serve in South Florida.  Below are a few of our highlights from this past year:

Families  received food cards.

Diapers given to area families

Parents were given formula and food for their babies.

Children were served on our "Meet Santa Day".

Children were given gifts during the holidays.

Families received Thanksgiving dinners.

Families received housing assistance.

Families that have been impacted through our outreach services in the past year!


For more information on the different types of social services we offer please contact the Social Services Director, Scarlett Fave, at (561) 737-6336 ext. 115 or sfave@caridad.org.



doctor and child

  • Over 400 doctor, dentist , and community volunteers
  • Yearly patient visits total approximately 28,000
  • Comprehensive health, dental and vision care

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  • Tutoring program empowers our elementary-aged students
  • Scholarship fund serves Caridad families
  • Family health classes educate our patients

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  • Emergency and Food programs serve those who need it most
  • Adopt-a-Family and Holiday assistance ensures community care
  • Mentor initiatives pave the way for our community’s future

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